What are they saying about TUFF?

"My Testimonial I want to take the opportunity to thank TUFF for the quality time spent inspiring young men to think big and talking to and with the football players at John Adams College and Career Academy today. The smiles on each player’s face were priceless when the uniform was revealed. The uniforms and accessories donated to the football team are DOPE. I know the team can’t wait for the season to kick off so that they can wear it with REBEL PRIDE in the presence of family and fans.

A special thanks to Kwity Paye. He took time to speak to the players as a team and then individually. The story he shared of his journey through life is inspiring and the team was reminded how resilience can be a person’s armor to success. The gratitude Adam, Jake, and the TUFF team exhibit were genuine and real. Their heart is in the right place. Thanks again for your time, words, donation, and the memorable experience."

Robert Rea - Assistant Principal, John Adams

"The presentation was wonderful! You have no idea how much your donation means to the organization and the kids.  It's not often when an organization steps up to donate to the inner city youth programs that truly need it and we appreciate the efforts of your company & and your staff. Thanks again for your support!”
Mike Monroe - Director of George Monroe All-Stars

“I’m one of the John Adams Football players and would like to humbly thank you for the donation you’re giving us. It’s not often we get these types of blessings, so your donation is much and highly appreciated! Thank you again.”


– Rayvon Owens​

“I’m just amazed you have time to do something like this while you’re still in school, with the demands of academics and athletics... pretty amazing honestly!” 

- Andy Mignery, Former Michigan Tight End

“TUFF is doing incredible work that's very much worth supporting. Adam understands how much a uniform can mean to a young person's confidence on and off the field. He appreciates how lucky he's been and how unjust it is that many students have to wear tattered jerseys that send the message, "You are not worth investing in." Now, using his platform as a member of the Michigan football team, he's founded TUFF to address those disparities and inequalities in youth sports head on. We couldn't be prouder to work with him.”

- Jeff Sorensen Founder of Optimize

"On behalf of my program I would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to the uniform funding foundation (TUFF), and particularly Adam Shibley, for your incredibly generous donation of custom uniforms and accessories for my peewee team. The garden valley neighborhood is one of the most economically distressed areas in Cleveland, and funding is always a challenge. our program has been running strong for 26 years now, with 4 teams ranging in ages 6-14. It’s impossible to replace uniforms, equipment, etc ... for each of the teams but every few years. To be selected as the inaugural program to be gifted with custom uniforms from the TUFF/Cleveland muny football partnership ...I’m sure the kids will be very excited to see the design that Adam created! 

It's really encouraging that a young man like Adam has the vision and desire to reach into the inner city and make a difference!  It’s much appreciated and should be an inspiration to others with the means to make an impact in our communities.” 

- Danny Soloman, Director of Garden Valley Falcons

"It's great to see him bringing together his personality, his gifts, and his love for the game of football, and spreading it to others. In a way, he's performing a football corporate work of mercy,``Franzinger said. '' He's clothing people and giving kids what they need in order to play the game. Obviously, football has impacted his life, and impacts people in different ways. He realizes, in an ignatian and christian way, that he was given certain opportunities and now he wants to share that with others, so that others have the opportunity he had. that's really impressive.​

Adam was one of the best leaders I've ever coached. He sticks out for those leadership abilities and how he treated his teammates and coaches. That wasn't something that just occurred when he was a senior or captain. He has certain innate qualities that people gravitate towards."

- Ryan Franzinger, Dean of Students and Defensive Coordinator, St. Ignatius High School